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Prosper Colorado Rally

posted Nov 6, 2012, 4:26 PM by Next Generation O&G Professionals   [ updated Nov 7, 2012, 8:31 AM ]

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce and other business oriented organizations are hosting a rally called Prosper Colorado on Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012, noon to 1, on the west Capitol steps. It will  provide support to the local governments, the Hickenlooper Administration, state elected officials, and the COGCC for encouraging reasonable, pro-responsible energy development policies.  We have been asked to help gather attendees for this rally; the importance of which to our industry cannot be overstated.


Prosper Colorado seeks to convey that there is a largely silent majority who believe that oil and gas can and should be developed responsibly in Colorado.  There is a robust, bipartisan consensus that Colorado needs a consistent, unified approach to oil and gas regulation – one that encourages energy investment by ensuring a stable, predictable oil and gas regulatory environment.  This rally will demonstrate strong support among the silent majority of Coloradans for this bipartisan, statewide approach to energy regulation.

This development will ensure the economic development of our natural resources and the continuation of over 107,000 oil and gas jobs in our state.  This is a non-partisan issue that affects us all and we must share in the responsibility of energy development to ensure accessible, affordable energy for everyone.


The rally will consist of five speakers from the business community, working sector and local government sector. Speeches will be kept to three minutes and will consist of positive, pro-responsible regulation messaging. The intent is not to start a debate, but to continue a rational conversation on the real issues.  Hot cocoa, hot cider and snacks will be available and there will also be pre and event duration collection of donations for Energy Outreach Colorado.


We all depend on reliable and affordable energy, so we must ensure that it is produced safely and responsibly. Not to mention, oil and gas is critical to our working families and small businesses, allowing our state to prosper.  The vast majority of Coloradans believes these simple truths, and it is time for this majority to be heard.  For too long, a very vocal minority has spread misinformation and disseminated unwarranted fear throughout our communities.  We must rely on science and fact to build a structure of rational regulations on oil and gas, and to do that, our voices must be heard.  Please join us in encouraging your membership to attend this meeting by sending an e-blast this week. We don’t need branded clothing or signs; we just need enthusiastic support for the cause.


Below is an e-flyer that may be helpful to spreading the word. Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.


Thanks very much for your support of this event,